A 25% refundable deposit is required to book time for sessions.

Deposits can be made by clicking here and entering your deposit amount.

Cancellations for sessions must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

For projects over one day in length, cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to start date.

For a new project’s first session, at least two hours must be booked.

Your Recording Output:

One audio CD is provided (free of charge) at the end of each session.

The Magic Closet recommends that you bring in your own hard drive to store your sessions. By doing so, you will have a back up of your recordings.  Also, you will have the ability to access or modify your multi-track recordings at a later date at any studio using Pro Tools HD (or compatible) system. However, since hard drives can and do fail, we also recommend that you also backup your recordings to another medium. You’re welcome to ask us about this. We’ll be happy to make recommendations or suggestions.

The recordings will be in digital format, usually 24-bit 44.1 kHz, but at higher sample rates upon request. The recommended hard drive is an external drive with 60 GB or greater capacity. Hard drives can be purchased at a variety of retailers.

We can also burn your sessions to Blu-Ray Disc. BD-R burning is billed at the regular studio rate plus the cost of the media.

Archiving at the Magic Closet is available for $1/gigabyte. If you record with us and don’t want to be responsible for the backup of your recordings, but you think you may want to add to or modify them later, we can burn the sessions to backup media and archive them onsite for you. A typical project is 10-20 GB, which would come to $10-$20. An entire album of a full band with overdubs could potentially use much more than that, so the price is dependent upon how many songs, tracks, takes, etc. Note: even if we archive the sessions for you, we cannot be responsible for events beyond our control such as fires, floods, theft, etc. We will do our best to protect the recordings but again recommend that you bring in a hard drive and back up the files yourself.

We very strongly recommend choosing one or all of the above options for your recordings! If you come in and record, but don’t bring a hard drive, decide not to have us backup the recordings, and decide not to have us burn them to DVD, you will receive only your final mixes at the end of your sessions, and your data will be deleted from our hard drives. Many questions arise about data backup, so feel free to ask your engineer any questions you may have.